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By using our mobile application for Android & IOS you can easily monitor the last tendencies on the market. This mobile app not only allows Android and iOS users to enjoy the latest technology in mobile trading, but also to be a part of a social network that is all about finance. User-friendly interface and responsive platform will not disappoint. The platform is extremely convenient for experienced traders as well as for beginners.
TSo, we feel very confident about stating: this app is a perfect trading instrument.

User friendly interface

The user interface of thee Derimarkets Mobile & Tablet Trader application is intuitive and user friendly for both for beginners and experienced traders.

Transaction history

Monitor all dates using the Derimarkets Mobile & Tablet Trader application. Proceed according to your trading activities using the function Transaction History.

Latest market news
and comments

This mobile application will also provide you with the latest market news and analytics.

Make your trading process easy and fast

Market news and analytics

Our mobile app will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market with the latest market news, analytics and professional commentary.

Transaction history

From now on, Derimarket’s Mobile Trader app will monitor and keep all your important data in one place – Transaction History.

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