Standard account

Standard account

Enjoy risk-free trading
We highly recommend those new to trading to test their skills by using our Standard account.
Please Note: Your experience when trading real hard-earned money may be dramatically different from trading significant virtual sums. Advanced traders may benefit by trying out new trading techniques, exploring particularities and/or trading with bigger amounts.
Trade with real-time prices and on real markets.

Tools available for this account:

24/5 technical support
Account in USD, EUR, GBP
Metatrader 4
Android & iOS

Not available for this account:

Personal trading specialist

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Market news and analytics

Our mobile app will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market with the latest market news, analytics and professional commentary.

Transaction history

From now on, Double Trade’s Mobile Trader app will monitor and keep all your important data in one place – Transaction History.

Economic calendar

Our economic calendar will never let you miss release dates of new securities or information about major economic indicators. Stay on top of all market movements!