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Trading holidays

In order to predict the behavior of financial markets it is important to be aware of both public trading holidays and clearing holidays when no settlements are made. This will allow you to plan your trading for weeks ahead.

Trading on margin

Trading on margin basically means borrowing money from your broker to buy an asset. It allows traders buy more assets than they could afford with their own invested capital. The money that needs to be deposited in the account prior to any financial operations is agreed upon between the investor and the broker. For instance, if a margin were 1%, you would need to deposit $1,000 to trade $100,000 worth of currency units. The broker would provide the rest.


There is an extensive vocabulary involved with trading in the financial markets, use our trader's glossary to learn these new terms and words.


Rollover is extending the settlement (payout) of an open position until the next trading day. Beware of instruments that have no specific maturity day and have to be rolled over at regular intervals.

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